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Dear Visitor,

welcome to the homepage of a regional association of the German Greens*.

We are basing ourselves on the administrative district called "Landkreis Görlitz" and are working especially on topics which are occuring here. But we are also interested in poltics across the border(s). 

There are also some subdivisons, which are feeling responsible for a certain area in the district. These are the "Regionalgruppe Görlitz und Umland"*, the "Regionalverband Muskauer Heide"* and the "Stadt- und Regionalverband Zittau"*.

We are also interested in your opinion. Just contact us by mail. We would be glad to have your recommondations, questions, advices and also critics.

News: Our latest project is about a panel on European issues in cooperation with the federal working group on European and International policies*. Read more on: European Panel in Zittau

* - only available in German

Edit by Admin: Due to changes in website administration this section is outdated. It will be kept open for information to our English speaking guests.


Last Edit: 07th November 2013